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Five Ways to Separate Spaces

Written By Unknown on Sunday, September 7, 2014 | 9:14 PM

Have a large room? Another room in your home that you need to split? There are many ways in which you can create different rooms in your house. Find out what is the best technique for you with these ideas.
Separate Spaces
The curtains are a cheap and easy way to separate spaces. Use this technique in the bedroom, living room or children's room . Curtained spaces easily communicated will remain, since all the noise pass through the fabric. For elegant surroundings, use curtains of heavy fabrics and dark colors. If you want to keep the natural light, use white curtains of light fabrics.
Separate Spaces
If you do not want to make big changes, using the furniture you already have in your home and arrange them so that separate environments. For example, to separate a living room , accommodates up to the dining room sofas. In a large room, you can use as a large library wall.
Separate Spaces
If you do not want to put any barriers between different areas, simply use your decoration to separate environments. Use rugs to focus each of the room and different decorations on each section. Choose contrasting palettes, but combined, in each space.
Separate Spaces
A more permanent option is the sliding doors. This technique requires more work, but will also have a firmer result. This is not a good choice if you want to change the style of your home or followed the design space. If you prefer to continue to have communication spaces, choose glass doors, glass or other transparent material.
Separate Spaces
A screen is another cheap and easy option, with minimal work. The screens are not like before, you will find many modern styles to match your decor. Choose this technique if you prefer a less permanent solution that you can change when needed.
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