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Tips for Decorating a Romantic Room

Written By Unknown on Tuesday, September 2, 2014 | 4:59 PM

Tips for Decorating a Romantic Room
Would you like your home look more romantic? Valentine's day or your anniversary approaching? Whether you want your room look more sexy for a special night or want to redecorate a permanent romantic way, these ideas can help you create a sanctuary in your bedroom.
Remove distractions and clutter
Tips for Decorating a Romantic Room
Romantic decor is not difficult, since the details and accessories are what create the atmosphere, but distractions can make ends quickly sensuality. First, be sure to keep your room clean and tidy . Note also odors, keep the basket of dirty clothes elsewhere and get you out of the dog bed. Then, remove the distractions. The work papers, projects and electronic children must go. Many can not live without a TV in the room but if you want your room to be more romantic, this also needs to find a new space. Instead, invest in a good sound system.
Tones and colors
Tips for Decorating a Romantic Room
When choosing colors for decoration and accessories, use ones that you remember to love. For more passion and board uses saturated reds. To choose a quieter decoration cakes versions . The purple and violet are also romantic and creative, especially when mixed with red colors. As a neutral, use to add elegance black or white for a more relaxed style. Use lighter colors on the walls, and leave the more vibrant for the sheets and accessories, so them stand out more in the decor.
Soft lighting
Tips for Decorating a Romantic Room
The lighting for a romantic bedroom should be soft. Do not use ceiling lamps, as these are the least favorable. Instead, use pedestal. Do not let the bulbs exceeding 60 watts, to create a warm atmosphere. If you wish, you can use bulbs with a pink dye to create a softer and attractive lighting. Candles are a must on a romantic decoration as they create shadows and make the space look more mysterious and sensual. To give elegance to your room, you can use a candlestick , but remember that the bulbs should be warm light.
Romantic Furniture
Tips for Decorating a Romantic Room
If you are looking for new furniture, Victorian are the best choice. These have curves, lines and intricate details that make them perfect for the master bedroom. For a more modern option, you can use minimalist furniture that does not attract much attention and let the accessories speak for themselves.
Tips for Decorating a Romantic Room
The flowers should not miss, whether natural or in a vessel patterns on the cushions, rugs or curtains. As for the pictures, use one with romantic landscapes, couples or flowers. Mirrors are a good decoration in the rooms, as they reflect the light and look glamorous. Use heavy curtains covering the light and sounds outside. If you are single, some accessories to remember the relationship can give you a more personalized touch to your room. Think photos, travel mementos or gifts that are made.
Bed and linens
Tips for Decorating a Romantic Room
The bed is the center of the room, especially to decorate it in a romantic way. Invest in sheets of good quality, preferably glossy. Use soft and comfy quilts. Always have ordered bed, folding bed cover and hotels to give a more elegant look. Do not use many small cushions. As for the bed itself, you can add a canopy to make it look more romantic and mysterious. Use a white and transparent material, so that the room does not look heavy.
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